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Brief list of FAQs

Can Electric Gates be Forced Open?

For the millions of home and business owners who rely on electric gates for their house or property, knowing that they provide sufficient protection from burglars and animals is crucial.

While many believe electric gates aren’t sufficiently secure, there are extra safety measures that can be added to new electric gates to improve the overall security. For instance, magnetic locks can be placed on the edges of many electric gates to improve security; as technology advances, electric gates continue to become more reliable. These additional safety measures are often recommended, and we are happy to assist with any questions you may have regarding your electric gate’s protection.

How to Open an Electric Gate Without Power

One of the many misconceptions regarding electric gates is that during a power outage, you would be unable to open the gate until the power comes back on. As you can imagine, this could cause some serious issues.

But gates are required by law to automatically unlock in these situations so that you can always open your gate manually. Additionally, most electric gates are equipped with a small amount of backup power, allowing you to open and close it even when the power goes out.

If you would like to learn more about how you can open your gate in the case of a power outage, give us a call today.

Do Electric Gates Use Much Electricity?

Electric gates are incredibly efficient and will often make very little difference in your monthly bill.

According to the latest studies on electric gate power usage, using an electric gate up to 15 times daily for an entire year would cost only about $30—and often less.


How Much Do Electric Gates Cost?

The average cost of a new electric gate, including installation, can range from $1,500 – $5,000, depending on the brand. Consider an electric gate as a worthwhile investment—the savings on electricity costs, the convenience, and the peace of mind of added security are priceless.